Member companies need to understand the Barter System fully and correctly, and seek for ways on how to carry out trade through the Barter Common Market more efficiently and more profitably.

The Barter Company operates as a finance company implementing the Barter System. The Barter Member company may purchase all its goods and service needs through the system and use Barter as a finance model. It becomes indebted to the Barter System in Turkish Lira equivalent to the amount of the goods it has purchased.

The system allows a period of 12 months to the buyer to pay his/her debt. Until the end of the 12-month period, the indebted company pays its debt to the Barter System by its products. In this manner, it uses a 12-month loan without interest, over TL currency.

The conditions of the deal in the Barter Common Market are defined between the buyer and the seller. Problems related to the delivery, price and quality of the goods are resolved between the buyer and the seller as well.