Dr. M. Sırrı Şimşek

Board Chairman

Message of the President

The Barter Trade System is a regulating system that allows companies to meet their requirements in return for the products and services they produce, which is the most convenient payment instrument for them, and thus allows enterprises to finance themselves by their own resources and turns this into a tradition.

The Barter System, in addition to the contributions provided to companies, also plays a significant role in inter-countries trade. Bartering international debts or providing the supply of required products and services by barter, without any cash being paid from the country’s deposits, is very important for countries in establishing their economic balances.

In the barter operations, the Barter broker companies have to undertake considerable responsibility in achieving these delicate balances. The most outstanding goals of a barter company are providing the confidence required by the markets, signing international barter contracts, and fulfilling its responsibilities to its member companies and its country.

In addition to its national role, Turk Barter has now assumed a significant task that will contribute to our country’s economy at the international level, by the agreements it has made.

We are moving on our way in order to add new connections to our international current connections and relations, legally accepted in the US and Europe, on a daily basis.

Our world is experiencing very rapid developments and all favorable developments in any field lead us to question the adequacy of what we have done so far. We are daily facing new expectations and are striving to provide rational solutions to these expectations.

Our reliability, built on many years of experience, our quality-focused approach and our corporate structure constitue our most important resources. Our main principles, leading us in all our activities, are to generate revenue and employment, to grow by advancing the interests of our country, our customers, and our employees to the highest level, and to continue to be a reliable brand, both locally and globally. With the restructuring activities initiated by Turk Barter, in line with corporate management principles, we have full-faith that Türkiye, as it has been so far, will continue its presence in the globalizing economy of the 2000’s successfully and will be passed on the future generations by further growth and development.

While the issue of trust is coming into prominence in the world in various dimensions, as Turk Barter, we believe that the foundation of our development is our principle of being a “trustworthy business partner” in all our relations. We will improve our objectives with the strength we derive from this faith.

In this modern age, when the significance of access to information, generation and utilization of information are not even discussed anymore, the ability for rapid and efficient organization is equally important. We are keeping up with this pace and flexibility in all fields, by our management system, our human resources, our information technologies infrastructure and as a whole organization.

As required by the mission of the International Reciprocal Trade Association of which we are a member as Turk Barter, we are directing our activities by providing support in all types of information and technical infrastructure issues, based on the principle of expanding the Barter industry in all countries in the world.

Since the day we were established, our objective has been to carry our business further in order to develop systems that will render our most important resource - human - more efficient and successful, to promptly seize and exploit the opportunities in the globalizing world, to implement the rules of corporate management as required by contemporary management essentials, to join our forces and work more efficiently, and to make Turk Barter a group trustfully referred to in many years to come. What makes us different is our honest and respectful approach to our relations with all individuals and organizations, as compelled by our traditional nature, our competitiveness without compensating quality, and always aspiring customer satisfaction. As the entire Turk Barter family, we are assured that we will achieve further success in the coming years, combining this traditional nature with the modern management principles of this innovation, communication and technology age.