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“Barter Media”, which is both marketing advertisements in the national and the local media and purchasing advertisements on behalf of its member companies, is leading the way in Turkey by joining both the advertisers and the buyers of publicity.

“Barter Media” that is a solution partner for publicists, advertisers and advertisement area marketers, is bringing together the audio-visual press, advertising agencies, outdoor companies, production firms and media procurement and monitoring agencies together, in national and local dimensions.

Representing the barter system being used by more than 600 thousand companies throughout the world in Turkey, Turk Barter, through “Barter Media”, is allowing the use of the idle capacity of the media and helping the media organizations to procure the goods and services they require through barter, in return for the advertisement areas they provide without spending any cash. Barter Media will also be able to procure media for those firms that do not have a Barter membership.