To be included in the Barter Common Market, founded and executed by Turk Barter, fill in the below form which also is a preliminary application form. This form is examined by the marketing department and an appointment program is formed accordingly. At this stage, our Broker colleagues will get in contact with you for detailing your application and ask for an appointment. As the result of these contacts, when your preliminary application turns into a formal Application for Membership and the necessary documents will be bilaterally signed.

The documents requested from you during the Membership Application :

  • Two copies of Turk Barter Membership Contract
  • Member Inquiry Form
  • Supply Notification Form
  • Demand Notification Form
  • Fax Covenant Instruction
  • The List of the Companies Targeted for making sales To
  • The List of Reference Companies that Purchases are done
  • List of Authorized Signatures
  • Tax Declaration Sheet
  • Commercial Activity Certificate
  • Trade Registry Gazette