The development of the barter system, transforming the resources of our companies and our country being into financial revenues within a short period of time, are being accomplished under the leadership of Turk Barter. Turk Barter, in the sharing and development points of the role it has undertaken in the commercial management system of the “Barter Common Market” it has generated, is seeking business partners to work with, by the Franchise system.

Since Turk Barter uses technology at the highest available level, Barter Franchises also are rapidly improving their efficiency and profitability by the communication system established by Turk Barter among member companies and the interactive websites.

TURK BARTER FRANCHISING is the product of a completely new concept, somewhat different than the known customary franchising practices. Each TURK BARTER Franchise office is an independent Franchise operation. When you take up Franchise in any region, you combine your commercial potential with the rules of Turk Barter.

  • We are Offering Proven Financial Model and Business
  • We Provide Effective Technological Support
  • We Offer the Powerful Image of Our International Brand
  • We Provide Comprehensive Training Support
  • We Do Not Leave You Alone in Marketing
  • We Provide Constant Operational Support
  • We Keep Our Doors Open to Those Looking for “Ready Business”