About us

Founder of Barter System in Turkey

Turk Barter was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and professional businessmen who have pioneered the implementation of the barter system in Türkiye. Thus, the barter industry, that is developing very rapidly in the world, has been introduced to the country’s economy as a new concept.

Strong Technological Infrastructure

The know-how of our institutional entrepreneurs on the barter industry and the reputability of our institutional leader in the International Reciprocal Trade Association, emphasize the significance of TURK BARTER’S national and global role. The family structure, uniting the entrepreneurs and the employees under the same roof, composes the strong organization of TURK BARTER today with its technological infrastructure support and modern management system. TURK BARTER, that aims to present a fast service with good quality to its customers, succeeded in carrying the process that extends from money to barter in commercial procedures to national and global dimensions. The purpose of TURK BARTER is not removing money totally from the commercial world, but to extend the awareness that trade can be done in the absence of absolute money. The Barter system, that is an Alternative Commercial and Financial model, is an important sector brought into the Turkish business world today by TURK BARTER

World Barter Association (IRTA) Türkiye Representative

The Barter Trade System, while providing the companies the facility of purchasing their needs against commodities produced or services that are considered as the most suitable payment instruments, is an arranging system that enables establishments to be financed through their equity capitals and acquire it as a habit. Besides its contributions to the companies, the Barter System plays an important role in international trade. Bartering the debts between the countries or providing the needed products or services through barter without making cash payment from public treasury is very important in establishing the economical balance of the countries. The Barter intermediary companies which integrate the barter procedures into the system have a big responsibility in establishing these sensitive balances. Providing the trust that the market needs, signing the international barter contracts and fulfilling its responsibilities towards its country are the main targets of a barter company.