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The capital is the most important import of production. The companies account for the capital that will finance their investments by using their shareholder equities or liabilities. The capital which is the financial value of the previously produced goods, is also the basis which defines the possibility of the studies that are requested to be done in the future. When the companies fail to use their capital efficiently they loose the revenue which is the product of their previous studies; this also removes the opportunity of winning more in the future.

The development of the barter system which has the ability to convert the owned resources into financial achievements in short terms for our companies and our country is realized with our leadership in Turkey.

Turk Barter shows how it is possible to execute Barter trading, which has the claim to offer giant benefits for our country and the commercial establishments, in compliance with the current laws.

As is known; Leasing (Financial Lease) is an agreement that predicts the purchase of the machines, equipments, investment assets or other goods which the Lease holder needs, likes and selects and approves all the technical specifications, from the 3rd Parties that the lease holder had negotiated with and agreed upon.

In this respect various Leasing companies had been established. However the fact that the leasing companies are taking the resources they use from the banks, creates a high cost back payment tables. The leasing credit brings additional costs.

There is no additional cost in Turk Barter Leasing. Because of these costs the companies could not make use of leasing as a financial instrument other than preferring it for products that use of the Value Added Tax advantages.

Turk Barter Leasing: can easily find the leasing instruments in exchange for product or service credit from the Turk Barter common market or from the other markets.

Turk Barter Leasing : What Barter system offers is a medium to long term product and service credit . Turk Barter which administers the Barter trade supplies 12 months financing to the enterprises. The companies have to make payments with their own goods in Exchange for the credit they use from the barter system within 12 months. If the companies cannot pay back the credit they used within 12 months with their own goods, they will have to make the payment in cash. If the company is in cash shortage or in a position that it is not able to make payments in cash, Turk Barter Leasing will get into the picture in order to save the company from such a difficult situation.

The payment period can be extended to 36 and 48 months.

Thus a Barter Leasing contract is signed in between the Barter company and the debtor company.

Turk Barter Leasing company can give credit to the companies with no Purchase Credit and guarantee, through Leasing. In this way leasing credit will be supplied while buying a product that is needed from the market or from the Barter system. When this is done with Barter, destrain amounting to the value of the product subject to this transaction is put on the real estates and/or motor vehicles of the company. When installments are paid in cash and the debt is paid in full the destrain over the mortgage will be removed.